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If you have what it takes. We have the right investors for you.

Our preferred selection criteria mirror that of our investor network. We assess and select prospective deals on a case-to-case basis.

A broad stroke of our preferred selection criteria is provided below as a guiding post for you. 


US$ 10 million +


The preferred minimum size of an investment deal is US$ 10 million. There is no maximum limit.



Experienced Promoters.


We prefer to promote investments in established enterprises with proven track record and well over their teething phases.


Viable Business Plans.


The very basic. Every proposal should have a viable and profitable business plan. The investment deal should be backed by sound business strategies leading to attractive return on investments.


Competitive Edge.


The business, products or services must showcase sound competitive edge or differentiation over their competitors in the market.


Growth and Scalibility.


We promote promising businesses that showcase potential for sustainability of growth and scalability of product/business in the market.


Passion and Drive.


In addition to proven leadership experience and demonstrable track record of business acumen, Our investors also look for the drive, passion, commitment and energy from business leaders.


Exit Strategy.


The investment deal should clearly showcase a exit scenario for Investors at the end of the investment terms.

Come to us . We understand banking better .

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