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R I S K   A D V I S O R Y  S E R V I C E S

Simple . Innovative . Solutions . Since 1992







Today, with the advent of the internet, information is available and accessible at the click of a button. However is it enough to simply possess that set of information? Absolutely not. One needs to better analyse the given set of information, its relevance in solving company's problems, its application in the decision making process and its impact on the business over a longer term period. One must back knowledge with experience, commercial realities and wisdom to make profitable decisions. In this age of abundance of data and information, what we really offer is “financial and management wisdom”, gathered over 28 years of experience and practice, offering simple and practical solutions for complex problems.

Our team and associates bring close to 800 years of top management and industry experience in serving your needs that go beyond investment banking. Our team prides themselves as the go-to guys for problem solving and overcoming challenges in business. We provide innovative solutions to your unique situations and challenges. Our reward will come from the recognitions received from our clients as a Firm that not only sets and delivers high quality work but also a Firm that has a strong commercial insight and willingness to think outside the box.


  • Due Diligence.

  • Risk Assessment Studies.

  • Feasibility and Viability Studies.

  • Detailed Project Reports.

  • Offshore Expansions.

  • India Entry Strategies.

Come to us and look at a Better Tomorrow .

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