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O U R   J O U R N E Y


M. Krishnaswamy Iyengar (founding father), born in an affluent Zamindar Family in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, migrated to Bombay (Mumbai) in 1942 for his higher education. After completing his LLB, he pursued a career in litigation and taxation, becoming one of the most reputed tax consultants in Bombay (Mumbai).


The year 1960 saw the birth of a new Income Tax Code. India as a nation relied heavily on Direct Taxation. As a result, Indian Tax Authorities took an active role pursuing matters with microscopic detail. Taxation rose to a very important heights for all high networth families and corporations in India at that time. In 1972, Krishnaswamy Iyengar started his own practise and quickly rose to fame as one of the most sought after tax consultants in Bombay (Mumbai). 

His clients included some of the most wealthy Royal Families in Gujarat, Large Indian Corporations, High Networth Families and Foreign Companies having commercial interest in India. His expertise was unmatched in the area of Tax Advisory Services, Appeals and Appellate Tribunals, CBDT Settlement Petitions and IT Raid Cases. 


Following the family tradition, Muralidharan Iyengar (son of Krishnaswamy Iyengar), duly completed his Chartered Accountancy and Cost Accountancy in 1986. He gained some experience in employment with the industry and in 1992 promptly complimented his father and started his own practise, becoming one of the most reputed advisor in the field of Corporate Finance, Risk Assessment Studies and Due Diligence.


The year 1991 saw India opening up its markets to foreign companies. A flurry of investments took place in the Indian market place. Bombay Stock Exchange (Asia Oldest Stock Exchange) also witnessed a boom with IPO's from different companies. Muralidharan's expertise evolved with the evolution of investment in capital markets and private companies in India. Mr. Muralidharan's expertise quickly rose to becoming the most sought after professional for Risk Assessment Studies and Due Diligences.

He build a strong practise and his clients included Financial Institutions, Banks, Investors, Large Indian Corporates and Foreign Companies having commercial interest in India. 


Mr. Mohandas Krishnan started his career in 1982 in Mumbai. After a 13 year stint in USA, Poland, Oman, UAE, Qatar and Russia, from 1985 to 1998, Mohandas finally decided to return back to India, with his wealth of experience in conducting international business affairs, and be a catalyst for  Indian Businesses looking to expand abroad.


Soon after liberalization, Indian economy witnessed a great deal of cross-border activity. Indians have been industrial pioneers in Africa, UAE, Russia Myanmar, South East Asia and other emerging economies since 1900's. This trend continues till date.


Combining our legacy services with Mr. Mohandas's expertise in International Business Affairs, our International Business Advisory Services was established, under the astute leadership of Mr. Mohandas, for the sole purpose of guiding Indian company's expansion abroad. 


Since 1998, Mr. Mohandas and his team have gained valuable reputation of delivering out-of-the-box solutions to near impossible situations in the realms of International Business Advisory. Today our International Business Advisory Services include International Projects, International Taxation, Offshore Corporate Structure Advsiory and Joint Venture Transactions. 


The year 2009 saw the economic meltdown happen in US. One could feel its effects vibrating in Europe, China and India. From 2009 onwards, there was a sudden surge of genuine good performing companies falling under NPA (Non Performing Assets) with their lenders. It was at this time we decided to help and assist in the revival of the economy. 

Forming a multi-disciplinary team under the astute leadership of Dr. Vishwas Paanse, NPA & NCLT Team, assist genuine promoters in protection from bank recovery proceedings, bank settlements, NCLT application, revival plan and NPA funding. 

NPA Consultant Pvt. Ltd is the most sought after team in Mumbai, with a strong reputation of reaching a 'win-win' solution for NPA companies, corporate debtors and their creditors, having successfully revived a number of companies with a success rate of 99%. 


Mr. Sriram Muralidharan, under the tutelage of his father Mr. Muralidharan Iyengar, got exposed to international financial deals at an early age of 15. In his career formative years he took the initiative of uniting our global presence and associates into a single unique global network, which forms the bed rock of our International Ventures and Private Equity practise today.

From 2004, we saw an uptick in the number of private equity funds entering the Indian market space. Private Equity and Venture Capital activity really took off in the public eye with the success of ecommerce ventures in India. Given our legacy of being Risk Advisors, we had the relevant exposure and indepth insight into the Indian Business Psyche to advise private equity players and other international investors. Sriram was fortunate that his career evolved with the evolution of private equity investment in India.


In 2010 under the leadership of Mr. Sriram Muralidharan, a specialised professional team was formed, to assist mid-size corporates raise equity capital through the private equity route.


In 2017, under the initiative of Mr. Sriram Muralidharan, all the above decades of experience was unified under a single guiding umbrella of Mastercredit Banking Groupé, that we see today.



True to our roots, in 2019 our groupé introduced a boutique suite of solutions under the name 'Investor Program Management' to investors seeking to invest in the Indian Growth Story. The solutions are designed to offer a bespoke environment to meet the needs of Individual Investors and Family Offices. Suite of solutions include privileged access to investment opportunities, risk advisory services, portfolio company management services and other related advisory services.


In 2020, The Groupé is proud to partner with Capitale Ventures (Singapore) to empower our team, expand our practice and enhance the quality of our offerings to our private clients - PRIVATE CLIENT SOLUTIONS.



2020 witnessed an induction of a new Master in the Mastercredit Family. A man who requires no introduction in his industry. A Logistician at heart, he has spent the better part of his 35 years stewarding the leadership at Mahindra, Piramal, Owens Corning and Hindalco. A trailblazer with a fiery talent and burning passion to transform the Indian Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. The Groupé gives a warm welcome to Mr. GS Swaminathan.

GS Swaminathan initiated his relationship with our Groupé as a subject matter expert advising and assisting our Transaction Advisory team with Logistics and Supply Chain deals. In the first 7 months of his association, the opportunities at Mastercredit Banking Groupé has empowered him to reignite his ambitions to dive deep into a new domain.


As a member of our Leadership Team, Swaminathan and his team has carved a special niche in our Project Management and Advisory division trailblazing Logistics and Supply Chain Projects.



Odyssey Capital (Singapore) partners with Mastercredit Banking Groupé (Auram Capital) to launch an early-stage investment platform focused on high-growth investment opportunities in emerging markets like India.


Our group shall play an active role in investor relations, identifying investment opportunities, providing strategic support, mentorship from leading luminaries along with a bespoke microcosm for investee companies to scale, grow, consolidate and expand into newer markets. 


This proud collaboration marks our group's first foray into an end-to-end venture capital solutions



Startup Réseau collaborates with Mastercredit Banking Groupé to bring their expertise to our esteemed set of clients and their businesses, in India and Abroad.


Startup Réseau will play an important role in helping legacy businesses setup innovation teams to identify disruptive technologies, invest, incubate and acquire them in the long run. This will help legacy businesses augment their growth both in India and Abroad.


This proud collaboration marks our group's deeper commitment to our existing relationship and foray into corporate innovation + impact programs. 

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