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Studying key parameters of your requirement before accepting your assignment.


Gathering Intelligence and helping you craft a Viable Equity Story for your raise.


Exclusive virtual event to promote your company and its requirements.


Helping you  promote, engage and conclude a 'win-win' partnership.


Step 01.

Evaluation and Initial Consultations.

Investors come to expect good standards of investment opportunities from our stable. We receive hundreds of investment proposals every year. For the benefit for all parties, every opportunity presented to us goes through a disciplined evaluation, review and selection process. In our initial consultations, we try to engage in an open friendly conversation to better understand the various investment parameters of your proposal. This helps us filter and select suitable proposals that may appeal to our investor community.



During our initial consultations, we tend to offer our impartial initial impressions on the prospects of your investment proposal. You may also want to understand the general investment climate and expectations coming from Private Equity Investors. The initial Appointments and Consultations with our evaluation team can help you find the answers for these questions. 

Transaction Advisory (A).

Step 02.

Perception Review.

As your Transaction & Financial Advisors, we assign a multi - disciplinary - experienced - professional team to handle your equity transaction. They are carefully selected to suit your requirements.


Our team will start off with gathering intelligence around your company. 'Gathering Intelligence' happens not just by sitting in one office - going through files, documents and other information. It actually happens by taking the time to interact with you, see how you run the company, understand your background, make site-visits and engage in healthy discussions about your requirement. 

Perception Review : An important element of our solution is to help you understand the pulse of the investors sentiment specifically in relation to your pitch, keeping a wide range of investors in mind. Our IR team, based on prior experience, will help you uncover gaps in your business narrative, pinpoint any potential objections or concerns investors could have in relation to your pitch. The primary take-away is to sharpen your narrative and ultimately maximize engagement during our investor campaigns.

Transaction Advisory (B).

Step 03.

Sparking Business Model Innovation.

Product and service innovation are essential, but business model innovation can deliver more lasting competitive advantage, particularly in disruptive times.


Business model innovation is the art of enhancing advantage and value creation by making simultaneous—and mutually supportive—changes both to an organization’s value proposition to customers and to its underlying operating model. 


In the past 50 years, the average business model lifespan has fallen from about 15 years to less than 5. As a result, business model innovation is now an essential capability for organizations seeking to drive breakout growth, reinvigorate a lagging core, or defend against industry disruption.

Our experts will help you : Investigate and Identify potential value enablers. Revalidate customer-value proposition. Unlock new differentiators & competitive advantage. Try and introduce safeguards from potential disrupters. Revolutionize the industry by setting new standards.

Transaction Advisory (C).

Step 04.

Crafting a Powerful Equity Story.

An Equity Story is a means of presenting the corporate image of a company with its stakeholder groups in mind. Your equity story is a clear, simple way of describing your business and the reasons for investing in it. An attractive and compelling equity story is key to a successful investor campaign. Based on the inputs from the previous step, our team will help you craft a powerful equity story, wise transaction strategy and win-win deal structure that aligns with your business model, valuation and investor expectations. 

We will help you translate your equity story into compelling pitch collaterals that will include a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) and Pitchdeck for Pitchfest (as may be required by you).

CIM is an important selling document. The purpose of the CIM is to create a vision for the organization, highlighting the strengths of the business while thoughtfully addressing the challenges. Investor teams will use these pitch collaterals to initially evaluate and decide on your investment. Millions of dollars are at stake. There are no “undo's” when going to market, so you better get it right the first time. Know the importance of Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) -


Step 05.

Pitchfest Solutions.

We have a robust community of investment funds, ultra HNI's and family offices. We do our best to market your equity story to every one of our 600+ investor network. The best way to communicate this equity story is to combine it with the passion of the founding team. Therefore we embark on a one-of-a-kind service that will help you voice your equity story to a global audience of investor community.

Picthfest : an exclusive unique interactive pitch event, designed for your story to reach a global stage of investment community. This event is a global event wherein investors from all major geographies will be invited to see you present, promote and pitch your requirements. The event is organized in a sandbox virtual environment to ensure confidentiality of information and dignity of professionalism.


In addition to the above, our pitchfest solution provides complete flexibility for an investor to interact with you from any place and any device, thus ensuring better attendance and larger audience for your pitch.

Pitchfest Gallery -

Investor Campaign.

Step 06.

Deal Navigation, Negotiations and Conclusions.

Investor Campaign kicks off with a successful Pitchfest Event. Building on the initial impressions and reactions from the investor community, our IR team will continually adapt the campaign strategy and optimize your equity story to drive maximum coverage and engagement.


During the course of our campaign, our team will continue to engage with our investor community and endevour to bring interested parties onto the table for an in-person meeting or one-on-one conversations.


Our team will also co-ordinate with interested investors at the time of due diligence and help your legal teams to negotiate and conclude the investment arrangement. (The final investment will ofcourse depend on investor preference and decision).

*The above process along with its contents may change from time-to-time depending on client requirement and other factors. It is subject to change without prior notice. The above process relates to transaction advisory services and does not guarantee the final investment.

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