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Equity Advisory Solutions - Fee Structure.

Meeting Fees for Consultations.

starts at  INR 7,000/-

            US$ 100/-

Per meeting / consultation.

Prior to appointment letter / mandate.

For Pre-Investment Advisory Services.

starts at  INR 12,00,000/-

           US$ 17,500/-

Pre-Investment, Transaction Advisory and

Pitchfest Solutions.

For Investments (Investor Campaign)

starts at  3%

of the deal size.

Approaching, engaging and negotiating with prospective investors on your behalf.



01. What is included in Pre-Investment Advisory Solutions?

Perspective and Business Review, Business Model Innovation, Crafting a Compelling Equity Story, Deal Structure, Transaction Strategy, CIM, Pitchfest Event and other related services.


Please find more details in

02. What is the difference between CIM and Project Report?

Project Report is an internal document which provides a detailed account of the proposed project/business primarily to ascertain the viability of the project/business. 

CIM is a selling document that is used to create a vision for the organization, highlighting the strengths of the business while thoughtfully addressing the challenges. Primary objective is to craft a powerful equity story and provide prospective investors the compelling rationale for investment into your project/business. CIM travels beyond the viability of the project/business into the realms of justifying attractive returns for the investor's investment.


Know more about CIM -

02. What is the estimated time of completion?

It differs from case-to-case. It would depend on the size of equity you are planning to raise or the scope of our work. To give a general idea, typically our pre-investment advisory services could take 8-12 weeks. Pitchfest Solutions could take 2-4 weeks. Investor Campaign usually involves 3-4 months or more. Our team will advise on the estimated time-lines during our private consultations.

03. Can you work only on % based fees on successful conclusion of the investment? 

It would entirely depend on the scope of services required by you. If you are not 'Investment Ready' then fees for Advisory Services and Pitchfest Solution becomes an essential part of our engagement. Because :

A. Companies that approach us are sometimes not ready with their equity story, transaction strategy, valuations or a compelling rational for investments. We do not recommend businesses to investors if they are not sufficiently prepared to appeal to the decision making process of any prospective investors. It becomes essential for us to engage resources, add value and assist you in the preparation (Pre-Investment and Transaction Advisory Services) before reaching out to our investor communities. 

B. Typically our firm employs a large team of senior professionals for every project or client. We invest considerable time and resources (more than 350 man hours per case). The expertise required for our advisory services and pitchfest solution is very demanding and therefore only highly qualified and experienced professionals can be assigned.

04. Any fees to be paid in advance or up-front?


Fees is paid only against the services rendered by us.

Fees for Advisory Services and Pitchfest Solutions is divided into monthly retainers paid for the services being rendered by us on a month-by-month basis over the duration of our engagement. As per terms of our engagement, this fees will include certain deliverables like CIM, Pitchdecks, Pitchfest Event etc. 


Fees for Investor Campaigns is paid on successful conclusion of the investment arrangement.

05. Is there a guarantee?

The outcomes of pitchfest, investor campaigns and/or final investment is solely based on investor decisions. These decisions are based on their independent judgement, preferences and prerogatives. Their decisions are also subject to market risks, market conditions, investment climate and investment risks. Therefore we are not in a position to and we CANNOT guarantee, promise or assure the above outcomes. 

Please note : Clients advised by Auram Capital are governed by independent investment committees. We do not and cannot guarantee, promise or assure investments from clients advised by Auram Capital.

06. What's the next step?

Please reach us at Our team will write back to you seeking further information and clarifications. They will also guide you through the steps.

Please note that we DO NOT authorize any individual or entity to collect any payment or fees on our behalf.

*The above indicative fees is for Transaction Advisory and Private Equity Syndication Services. It is indicative in nature for a proposal of US$ 10 million (Rs. 70 crores). The above fee and fee structure may vary based on the size of the deal, scope of services, estimated professional man hours, geography and other factors. Other terms and conditions may also apply. The above fee and fee structure is subject to change without prior notice. To know the exact fee, fee structure, terms and conditions we advise you to get in touch with us for a private consultation at contact@mcglobalbanking.comPlease note we do not have any branches and we do not authorize any entity or individual to collect any payments or fees on our behalf.

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