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J O I N T   V E N T U R E S

Partnerships that lasts longer than investments.

We advise our clients on joint ventures, strategic alliances and partnerships at all stages from creation through to exit. Our hands-on experience of what can happen later in the life cycle helps our clients capture opportunities, avoid pitfalls and tackle existing problems – or sound the alarm before they arise.

Creating a new joint venture or strategic alliance requires skills which can often be in short supply, simply because this is not a regular activity for many businesses. Our Joint Ventures Practice focuses exclusively on this area and can offer support from pre-deal strategy though to implementation and governance.

Protecting and sustaining a Joint Venture. 

Joint ventures and alliances can bring diverse and often unfamiliar governance and assurance challenges. The stakes are high, with increasing regulatory and compliance scrutiny. Our expert team brings specific insight and experience, aimed at helping clients’ internal assurance, risk and operational teams identify and tackle JV-related risks.

Improving or exiting a Joint Venture.

Rescuing failing or underperforming businesses requires a specialised skill set and approach. In an alliance or joint venture the requirements are even greater – you typically have less control, more stakeholders and greater complexity to manage. We combine our international JV insight and leading practice with deep transformational expertise, as well as technical and diplomatic skills. This is designed to ensure the right approaches are quickly identified and implemented sensitively.

We work with our clients to ensure that market conditions are favorable to a potential transaction and execute against strategies tailored to our client’s objectives. Our deal teams are well versed in the complexities and intricacies of the transaction alternatives most suitable for consideration. Working with our clients, we structure deal terms and negotiate on behalf of our clients to optimize execution.

Access to extensive transactional data and a global network of contacts gives us unparalleled access to strategic and financial acquirers, enabling us to find the best match between sellers and buyers. Our objective is to structure the best combination of value, form of consideration and deal structure suited to a particular situation with established timeframes.

Come to us and look at a Better Tomorrow .

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