Come to us. We understand India better.

Auram Capital.

Mastercredit Banking Groupé together with its esteemed partners is proud to present a new age boutique platform aimed at serving Accredited Private Investors, Family Offices and Institutions worldwide. Auram Capital and its partners operate from offices in Singapore and India.

Regulated & Secured.

All clients advised by Auram Capital are managed, governed and regulated under license from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Thus providing the best in class regulatory and legal environment for our stakeholders.

Bespoke Solutions.

Our mission is to empower our clients with the necessary expertise, eco-system and confidence to take part and thrive in the Indian Growth Story. To this end, we offer bespoke fund environments, due diligence insights, growth and exit synergies that align well with your risk-return profiles.

Privileged Deals.

Our Groupé has been closely aligned with the rhythm of Indian businesses, always have been since 1972.

Auram Capital intends to leverage our Indian expertise, rich know-how (matured through the years) and deep connects for identifying high value investment targets that can deliver profitable exits.

Portfolio Strategy.

Auram will bring to bear it's unique eco-system (built over the last four decades) for your founders to absorb strategic support, new market expansions, business model innovation and the unique privilege of mentorship from leading lights in the industry. This will help portfolio companies to scale rapidly and evolve into mature valuable enterprises.

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