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M.Sc. Marine Biology & Fisheries; Ph.D. Marine Bioscience; D.Sc. Aquatic Biology & Fisheries; Post Doc. University of North Wales.


Dr. Mohan Joseph is counted among one of the foremost experts in the world on Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture. Dr. Mohan has served under different capacities and roles over the last five decades shaping and advising the Indian Government, International Agencies and Corporations on Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture



Elected Fellow, Zoological Society of London.

Elected Fellow, Linnean Society, London.

Elected HLM-Asian Fisheries Society, Malaysia.

Conferred Fellow of Association of Andaman Society of Scientists.

Conferred Fellow of Biodiversity Society of India.



Dr. Mohan has been recognised for his contributions and has received numerous awards from organizations and governments world over. Most notable among them include AFS Gold Medal, AFS R&D Innovation Award and AFS Honorary Life Member Award. 


Fisheries and Aquaculture :

01. Worked extensively for development and responsible fishing in marine fisheries sector in India by contributing required data, guidelines, policy inputs to the Government of India.


02. Also carried out development work with coastal communities in Odhisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu in reducing post harvest losses in marine fisheries. 

03. Developed manual for best practices for loss reduction in post harvest fisheries. 

04. Developed guidelines for the Monsoon Fishing Ban for Government of India as the Chairman specially appointed Committee. 

05. Served as Chairman of the Marine Fisheries Core Group for Planning Commission. 

06. Served as team leader for Awareness of Responsible Fisheries of behalf of AFS in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra in 2019-2020.

07. Introduced, installed and developed Marine Cage Aquaculture in India in 2005. This single initiative, with funding from the Ministry of Agriculture, made a breakthrough in the coastal mariculture in India providing opportunities for entrepreneurship, income generation and improved livelihoods. Currently there are over 2000 cages in seas around India.

08. Instrumental in Fisheries Post Harvest Handling, Process Controls and Harbours as per European Union Standards, HACCP & Quality control Codex Alimentarius in Fishery Harbour Planning.

Policy and Governance : 

01. From 2005 to 2012 served in various capacities in several Committees of the Government of India as Chairman, Member, Expert in marine fishery related policy and regulations and contributed to the development of policy formulations in Marine Fisheries, CRZ, Exotic Species, Planning Commission sub groups. 


02. Developed, operated and published the Marine Fisheries Census in 2005 for the Ministry of Agriculture. 


03. Served as Chairman of the Monsoon Fishing Ban Committee and formulated the guidelines for 47 days fishing ban on west coast and east coast which were accepted in toto by the Government of India. 


04. Developed Island Fisheries Master Plans for the Andamans (ANDFISH) and the Lakshadweep (LAKFISH). 


05. Served as Member, Fish Stock Revalidation Committee of the Government of India. 


06. Contributed to development of guidelines for Exotic Aquatic Species introductions to India under the Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India. 


07. Contributed to the revised CRZ Guidelines under the M.S. Swaminathan Committee for MoEF.


(Total experience in Policy and Governance 14 years out of the total 50 years of experience). 

International Consultancy Assignments :

01. For Cogentrix, USA for Power Plant Intake in South Canara.

02. For IDRC Canada, in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, West Indies for Bivalve farming & evaluation.

03. For DfID, UK, in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Odhisha, India for Small scale coastal fisheries post harvest losses. 


04. For IFRTO in Islamic Republic of Iran for Bivalve farming and hatchery development.


05. For Government of Sharjah, in Sharjah UAE for Pearl culture.

06. For Government of India through WAPCOS, in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka for Coastal fisheries Infrastructure.

07. Chief Consultant, Biodiversity Conservation for Open Seawater Intake System for APPDCL Power Plant at Krishnapatnam, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

08. Chief Advisor, IFAFEA, Karnataka for Fish Post harvest.

09. Senior Advisor, (Fisheries) Government of Andhra Pradesh for Fisheries development.


Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, Qatar, Sharja, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom, USA, West Indies, Zanzibar.


Marine Fisheries including fisheries management, governance, development, policy & planning. Mariculture. Brackish water fisheries. Sea Cage fish culture. Bivalve mariculture. Seaweed Mariculture. Marine Biodiversity. Environmental Impact. Post harvest handling including logistics and supply chain. HACCP Standards in fishing harbours. Fishery harbor planning and Detailed Project Reports.​

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