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Project Chronicles


Lasting Impact Delivered - Case Studies.

Whats the Plan?  Strengthening the Fundamentals.

GCCL - Case Study.


The company was founded by an inspiring founder who started his career as a truck driver and has grown to be a top-tier 3PL player in the Logistics Industry in India. The company owned 300 vehicles with blue chip corporate customers generating a total revenue of INR 1 Billion. The company decided to pursue Private Equity Investment to fund their future expansions.

The promoter was new to the workings of the PE/VC investors. He had a 3-year vision in mind but lacked the expertise to translate his vision into a bankable business plan. He engaged our expertise to help him understand the PE/VC industry, better organize his ownership and management structure, validate his 5 year vision and translate his ideas into a bankable business plan.


01. Unable to organize his thoughts and ideas into a comprehensive business plan.

02. The company had an unorganized ownership structure.

03. Family controlled enterprise with no professional management structure.

04. Unknown to the Fund requirement, feasibility and investment returns of the future expansion plans.


01. Introduced a conducive ownership structure to suit the requirements of the promoters and the investor.

02. 3 Independent Directors with deep-rooted industry experience for sound professional management.

03. Focus on lucrative growth drivers and synergies based on industry research and market scenario.

04. Validated the 5 year vision.

05. Articulation of a bankable business plan.

06. Financial Estimations and Projections that align with the business plan.

07. Valuation and Deal Structuring.

08. Confidential Information Memorandum and Pitchdeck.

09. Exclusive Pitch Event for approaching investor community.

Defining the $.

CREORTS - Case Study.


This project was promoted by four distinguished and experienced gentlemen. The 50 acre amusement park, entertainment and sports city project was a first of its kind in the southern part of the country. The multi-faceted first of its kind project came with its pros and its complexities. The promoters engaged our expertise for ironing out the complexities and bringing about clarity in the following areas.


01. Dated Financial Projections and Estimations (Multi-Sector P&L and CAPEX). 

02. Limited understanding of the PE/VC investor psyche and approach.

03. Valuation and Deal Structuring for multi-sector project.


01. Validation of project parameters and business plan.

02. Updation of financial projections and estimations.

03. Valuation and Deal Structuring (based on deep-rooted research into 36 transactions in 5 sectors).

04. Investor Returns and IRR.

05. Exit Options for investors with peer review comparison.

06. Confidential Information Memorandum and Pitchdeck.

07. Exclusive Pitch Event for attracting Investor attention.

10x in 10 Months.

MAILIT - Case Study.


The company is founded by an inspiring gentleman who started his career as a delivery boy and is today the owner of a leading Mailroom Management and Delivery Company with more than 160 employees. The company wanted to expand into Express Courier and Last Mile Distribution systems.


01. Management Expertise for Express Courier and Last Mile Delivery. 

02. No prior experience with the PE/VC investors.

03. Unable to articulate a bankable business plan.

04. No clear differentiator.

05. The valuation band was relatively small for the investment size.


01. Merger with an independent Express Courier Logistics company (JV intended towards talent acquisition).

02. Working out the terms of merger and finalizing the shareholding pattern post merger..

03. Identifying the differentiators in various service verticals of the company.

04. Incubating a unique tech-first model for the existing service verticals.

05. Articulation of a bankable business plan.

06. Customer Validation - Validation of the business plan from TATA Group.

07. Building a tangible 10x value proposition - from INR 100 Million to INR 1 Billion.

08. Financial Projections and CAPEX Estimations.

09. Deal Structuring and Exit Options for Investors.

10. Hosting an exclusive Pitch Event to market the company requirement with PE/VC investors.

*The above case studies are based on our experience and actual professional advisory services rendered to the respective companies. The names of the promoters and the full name of the company is kept confidential. The above solutions would not have been possible without the active co-operation and support from the promoter teams. The terms of engagement and advisory process may change from time-to-time depending on client requirement and other factors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The above case studies relates to transaction advisory services and does not guarantee the final investment.



“We are greatly impressed by the expertise brought in by your team, the customised approach, the transparent process, the ability to understand our business parameters, identify the pain-areas, find suitable solutions and to go beyond the envelope in handholding us through the PE process.” 


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